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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 18, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links

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Chris Brunskill

Happy Friday Spursland! Big thanks to Ed for scraping a Hoddle together for me (and mostly you) during the early morning hours. I was not very good about letting the gang know I wasn't writing anything for yesterday and I let them know with a dickish, terse, drunken email sent while watching Tony Viejo do something that is totally legal just not in this state out back of a comedy club. Sorry everyone. Hey did Gareth Bale do anything yesterday?

And now the "news"

Tottenham's Reigning Lame Duck Thinks Spurs Could Have Won The Title This year With Bale-Sky Sports

Well since we recently discovered what Maicon has known not so much in his bones but in his nightmares for years. The laws of Newton do not apply to him, of course We would have a shot at winning.

Sherwood Questions Significance Of London Derbies-ITV

That's right coach, damn near a third of the games don't matter. You and your Math skills there Timmy.. 3+4 = crayfish. Go on Timmy keep kicking them in the balls.

Gareth Bale Talks To Soccer Balls-SB Nation Soccer

This is better than every joke about Wilson in Castaway. Every single one. It's a low bar but somebody has to clear it.

Shooting Challenge-Spurs Official

Eriksen's touch on the ball has the same potency as Bale's speed. They are both at backwoods, hillbilly, not on the god damn TV show moonshine levels of happy juice.

WWE Superstars Answer Ridiculous questions-SB Nation

Jim Ross wins the person I most want to hug but would never ever let me do it award. When he was asked if he could purchase one entire state which would it be. he said Texas, so he could turn it into a urinal Boomer Sooner baby.