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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Fulham: lineups and match thread

Spurs take on Fulham in an important match for the Cottagers if they hope to stay up.

Clive Rose

Good Saturday morning to you, Spurs fans. Today, Tottenham Hotspur host Fulham F.C. in a match that is critical to the Cottagers if they hope to remain in the Premier League. For Spurs, on the other hand, it's another match that... oh, who am I kidding? It's completely meaningless and nobody really cares. And it shows in this lineup.


Haven't we seen this lineup before? Why yes, gentle reader, we have! In fact, this is the same lineup Tim Sherwood has picked for the past two weeks, and we know how THOSE games turned out.  I'm looking forward to going down 2-0 to Fulham after five minutes only to battle back for a draw before the end of the match. Meanwhile, we'll continue to have Chadli as a central midfielder for some reason while Eriksen continues to leave a terrible Danny Rose completely exposed on the left flank.  Tactics!

This is your open thread for the match today. Please continue to follow the rules: keep it civil. Links to illegal streams is an insta-ban. No outright hostility towards players or manager (i.e. -- say "Danny Rose is not playing like s%!t," not "Danny Rose, you are S%!T!"  And above all, whatever you do, don't not have any fun in here. You hear me, buster?