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Saturday football open thread

Overflowing with meaningless Premier League action!

Clive Rose

Happy Spursday, Spursland! Spurs kept their Europa League dreams alive with a win over Fulham this morning, much to the dismay of quite a few Spurs fans. To take your mind off the possibility of a season traveling to Latvia every Thursday, there's a whole mess of meaningless matches for you to watch.

Aston Villa v. Southampton - 10:00 am/3:00 pm

Cardiff City v. Stoke City - 10:00 am/3:00 pm

Newcastle United v. Swansea City - 10:00 am/3:00 pm

West Ham United v. Crystal Palace - 10:00 am/3:00 pm

Chelsea v. Sunderland - 12:30 pm/5:30 pm

The usual rules apply: no illegal streams, play nice with each other, and no jaywalking.