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Sherwood: Sandro not good enough to play for me

Do we really have to suffer through three more games with this guy?

Paul Gilham

After Tottenham Hotspur's victory over Fulham, Tim Sherwood busted out this line that got the internet's undies in a bundle.

Wait, surely there's some context missing here, right? He didn't just say that Sandro's not good enough to play for him? Surely there isn't anyone on earth that thinks Paulinho and Nacer Chadli are better central midfielders than Sandro and there's more to this?

Okay, that explains a lot. And what's that about that Sandro tweet?

Oh. So they disagree on whether or not he's fit?

This doesn't make any damn sense. If Sandro's not lying and not being disrespectful ... then are you lying? Or do you think that he's just been bad since the calf injury even though he's fit? I don't understand.

Well, here's Sandro's response.

In any event, I'm really sick of Tim Sherwood and I can't wait until he's gone. I don't care that we won today. He's a nutjob and there are about two dozen realistic candidates for the job that would be a huge improvement over him.