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Serie A clubs look to take advantage of Sandro/Sherwood dispute

Good job, Tim. Look what you've done.

Clive Rose

Sandro and Tim Sherwood had a bit of a spat over the weekend after the Brazilian wasn't included in the Tottenham Hotspur squad. Sherwood said Sandro wasn't quite fit, which Sandro disputed. Then Sherwood said that Sandro wasn't good enough to be in his team at the moment. Sandro replied with a Benny-esque 'lol'.

Of course, that's led to Sandro getting linked to a White Hart Lane exit. Apparently every big club in Serie A wants him.

Here's the original text in Italian from TuttoMercatoWeb.

Dopo l'esclusione contro il Fulham nell'ultima gara di campionato il centrocampista del Tottenham Sandro attraverso Twitter ha svelato di essere rimasto fuori per scelta tecnica ... Una situazione che potrebbe ben presto portare alla separazione fra le parti con Inter, Napoli e Roma, a cui però piace maggiormente Paulinho, pronte ad approfittarne per portare Sandro in Italia.

And translation from SB Nation's Jack Sargeant.

After his exclusion against Fulham in the last match, the Tottenham midfielder Sandro has revealed through twitter he was out for tactical reasons and not due to injury ... It's a situation that could soon lead to his exit, with Inter, Napoli and Roma -- who, however, like Paulinho more -- possibly looking to bring Sandro to Italy.

Obviously there's no truly concrete link here, but this is something worth keeping an eye on going forward. Whether or not Tim Sherwood is going to get sacked at the end of the season, Sandro's not in a great mood. He's going to be in an even worse mood if this costs him a World Cup place.