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Manchester United ruin everything: Van Gaal set to reject Spurs

Oh well, on to the next one. Louis van Gaal doesn't look like the next Spurs boss.

Jamie McDonald

The worst fear of everyone who wanted Louis van Gaal as Tottenham Hotspur's next manager appears to be coming true. According to The Daily Mirror, van Gaal has told Spurs that he is not interested in taking over for Tim Sherwood at White Hart Lane. Presumably, David Moyes' sacking at Manchester United has quite a bit to do with this.

If van Gaal is the man that Ed Woodward and the Glazer family want to replace Moyes, then there's not really anything Spurs can do about it. The Glazers have a reputation for being cheap, but even a cheap hire at Old Trafford will get paid two-to-three times more than an expensive one at Tottenham. It's just a better job, especially for a man that might only have one big job left in him. Especially since United will probably give him (or whoever takes over there) a big transfer budget.

Chances are you're feeling a bit down about this. But if you want to feel better, check out this article by Rafa Honigstein from 2011, about van Gaal's failings at Bayern Munich. It might help you get over this quickly.