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What Christian Eriksen really thinks about Tim Sherwood

"That guy, I mean he's an ... I mean..."

You know how when you're in school teachers preach "define your terms"? We'll we're going to do that now.

Tim Sherwood: piss off.

Christian Eriksen: shiny golden god.

Okay, now that we've got that sorted out, let's go to the tape.

Now if you're Eriksen, what would you say about Sherwood? It would probably go something like, "f*&( 0** %@#$ told me &^%* and then he #@*!."

That's not exactly appropriate for television, nor is it a great thing to say about your manager so that's not how he's going to respond, but Eriksen does have one thing he can cling to -- he's the best player in the team by a mile.

If Spurs had to choose between Sherwood or Eriksen, Eriksen would win in a landslide*. So when you know what, what are you to do?

Smile and laugh, because you're sitting on your throne while the other dude is tied up on the train tracks.

* At least he better and entertaining the thought of him not is so sad/mindblowing/infuriating that we're not going to deal with it.