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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 24, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with depression.

Clive Rose

Happy Thursday, Spursland! The season isn't even over yet, but the news is already has a decidedly mid-summer feeling to it. And by that I mean, if you keep reading it's a lot of depression.

And now the "news"

Sandro's Agent Is Doing Some Mixing Of The Feces- Daily Starr

I might have changed that headline slightly, but that is basically what is happening. If TIm Sherwood loses us Sandro I move that he be erased from our club history for being a complete dunce. We know we are going to be moving some midfielders this summer to make room for guys coming back from loan or up from the youth system, but if Sandro is one of them and Tim being a dick to him is the reason he leaves, he should be set loose on a paintball course in the nude while loudspeaker proclaims that anyone who puts paint on him gets free season tickets for life and nice bottle of bourbon.

Lamela Spotted At Roma Training Ground- 101 Great Goals

...I would like the paintball course mentioned above to only let guys with fully automatic guns in on the Sherwood hunt?

Barca Transfer Ban Lifted- SB Nation Soccer

Why can't the Illuminati be Spurs fans? I thought we had a shot at Jay-Z, but I guess now it's time to go for quality not q-rating, so lets focus on Alison Brie, Bil Burr, and that guy who played turtle on Entourage .

Netflix To Debut Spanish Language Show About A Soccer Team- SB Nation Soccer

Nobody is topping Ryan's quote on this.

I wonder if Netflix's Mexican soccer series will have an absurd four managers in one year storyline

Liverpool Unveil Renderings For Anfield Expansion- SB Nation Soccer

This is nice and I don't care, but I try to include a certain amount of footballing content everyday and it was either this or an article that just talked about how United's special place, how awesome their club is and why managers want to go there.