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David Moyes linked to Spurs? SHOCKING!

David Moyes was just fired. Spurs are about to fire Tim Sherwood. This was inevitable.

Shaun Botterill

Two days after David Moyes' ignominious sacking from Manchester United, the English media is positively awash with the news of his sudden availability, and have immediately linked him to the soon-to-be-vacant managerial position at Tottenham Hotspur.  There are articles in the Daily Star, the Metro, the Independent, the London Evening Standard, and the Mirror,  as well as on such illustrious websites such as 101 Great GoalsClubCall,  TEAMTalk, and

What do all these articles have in common? A distinct lack of quotes, sources, or evidence.

As transfer rumors go, this particular rumor is the easiest possible one to write. David Moyes is without a job. Tottenham Hotspur is soon to be needing a manager.  You got your peanut butter in my chocolate!  You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!

And the best part is that it's not even particularly #batcountry. A David-Moyes-to-Spurs rumor is just about the most natural outgrowth of the current managerial situation in the EPL you can possibly imagine. Moyes, if you recall, was strongly linked to the Spurs job when he was still at Everton and after Daniel Levy fired Harry Redknapp.  At the time my CFC colleague Bryan A. even wrote about the possibility in positively glowing terms:

Moyes is, in my mind, the man Tottenham need to hire. He's a manager that proven he can win both with less resources than his competitors and with a small squad. These are two things that Tottenham definitely have and those are two huge pros in Moyes' favor. He's certainly not the sexy choice, but Spurs are a club that need consistency and Moyes is a man that can provide it.

After a disastrous ten months at Old Trafford, the bloom is pretty much completely off of David Moyes' rose, and it's not clear how positively Spurs fans (or Levy himself) would look upon the possibility of a Moyes era at White Hart Lane. Should Levy tap Moyes to succeed Sherwood, it would be the second time in recent memory that Spurs have appointed a "reclamation project manager" that failed at a top four club in the Premier League. Andre Villas-Boas was a disaster at White Hart Lane; would Moyes be any different?

With Louis Van Gaal likely heading to Manchester United, all bets are off as to what's in Daniel Levy's mind. Moyes to Spurs? Well, why not? As #batcountry season starts to warm up, it's certainly more valid a rumor than Rafa Benitez leaving Napoli for the exotic climes of North London, and truthfully, we could probably do a lot worse than the disgraced Scot.  Sam Allardyce comes to mind. Or maybe Alan Pardew.