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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 25, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with David Moyes.

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Clive Rose

Happy Friday, Spursland! Oh surprise, surprise, we've been linked with David Moyes. Much like the earth continued to rotate around the sun, and ended a tweet with LOL, life goes on. The ciiiiiiiiiiircle of life, and it continues to rain shit on us all. How much crap are we going to take from other clubs if we, for the second time in a row, hire a manager that was a wash out disaster immediately previously at one of the clubs we are chasing? Just once when Lucy holds out the football can we not try to kick the thing?

And now the "news"

Levy Attempted To Insert No Selling To English Clubs Clause In Bale's Transfer- Telegraph

Holy whatever the balls of this guy to even suggest this openly in a serious negotiation. Levy's thought process must be: Step 1, what's the most ridiculous thing I could demand. Step 2, there is no way they go for this, right? Step 3, eh screw it, lets say it out loud and see what happens.

It Will be Difficult To Do Worse Next Season, Says Lloris- BBC

You hear that, you vultures circling for our beloved Frenchmen? He said next season and "we," as in he's staying here.  Tell your story walking sister.

Cruz Azul Win CONCACAF Champion's League- SB Nation Soccer

I look forward to not watching as they get crushed by a team from Europe or South America in the Club World Cub.

Pineda Suspended 10 Games For Pine Tar On His Neck- SB Nation

Of course a Yankee turned out to be a dirty, rotten cheater. The Evil Empire they are indeed, only without all the underlying coolness of other evil empire (The Empire from Star Wars, the Mongolian Empire, and the banking industry).

All The Ridiculous Demand National Teams Are Making of FIFA For The World Cup- SB Nation Soccer

On one hand, needing bananas from a specific country is ridiculous, on the other hand FIFA are a bunch of corrupt evil, half-assed mafia front men and they deserve to be taken for all of their ill gotten, earmarked for kickbacks and bribes, gains.

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