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Spurs fans sing 'We don't want David Moyes'

He's a boooooring coach!

David Moyes is a boring coach, he did a crap job with Manchester United and he probably should have challenged for Europe more seriously than he did with Everton. I don't want him as Tottenham Hotspur manager, and neither do the fans that traveled to the Britannia Stadium for Saturday's game against Stoke City.

I'd like to thank the kind citizen who recorded this video with their cell phone, though I would like to ask them to turn it sideways in the future. No one likes YouTube videos that look like this. Don't you know what computer screens look like? Gosh.

In any event, I agree with the sentiment and I wish this would have been loud enough for everyone to hear on TV. Though, as we all know, Daniel Levy is a dedicated reader of this blog. Now that we've posted this, he'll get the message and definitely not hire David Moyes.

via @NickCres