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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For April 28, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with dread.

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Clive Brunskill

Happy Monday, Spursland! Today -- as I always am at this time of year -- I am filed with a profound sadness. The season is almost over, and gone for too long will be the feelings of joy I get watching my boys in action. And then soon will be the summer, although some could argue that the #batcountry we are about to enter is just as good as the season in terms of drama, and at times it is. But in between spurts of excitement there are unbelievable stretches of the doldrums. It is in these times when we must cling together to each other in a life raft made only of our minds, thoughts, and words. The hard times are coming, friends. Let us prepare accordingly

And now the "news"

Sherwood Says Other Managers Are After His Job- Telegraph

Well, we all know you won't have that job in like 10 seconds, and people are asking other people questions about it, should they not answer? I get it, your feelings are hurt, you've been trying hard getting pretty solid results actually and nobody is telling you are good at what you are doing. That flat out sucks. But still get your shit and get out.

Alex Pritchard Improved Much During Loan- BBC

Holtby leaves this summer maybe and Prtichard takes his place as the odd man out since Eriksen has that spot locked down for as long as he wants, basically.

Sherwood Says His Record Makes Him Tottenham's Best Manager In The Premier League Era- Guardian

The relationship with this club is not going to end well, is it? This is not the breakup where the two parties can remain friends, or maybe even be civil in each other presence. Believe me, I would know.

Rose Speaks After Crazy Game- Sky Sports

It's been four years since his volley against Arsenal?! Holy god I am going to die so soon, you guys.

Suarez Named PFA Player Of The Year- Liverpool Offside

And he deserves it. Like incredibly deserves it.

Liverpool Fans Pull Some Dirty Tricks Prior To Sunday's Game- We Ain't Got No History

What amateurs! Don't they know that to do it right you gotta get a guy in the inside, preferably in the team hotel's kitchen. Then you get that guy to take the meat to fill in the team's lasagna like exceedingly early.

Racist Throws Banana At Alves, Alves Proceeds To Eat It- SB Nation Look It

Everyone is reacting to this like it's awesome (and it is) and all, like "take that you racist!" But what i can't stop thinking about is the racist who threw the banana. That guy was clearly looking around and grabbing everyone around him and pointing at Alves like "see, you see he just proved my point".

Omar is Coming For An Old Dumb Rich Person- SB Nation Look It

Donald Sterling is a piece of shit and all that, he has a girlfriend AND a wife. That's usually a big giveaway. But can we take a moment and, as a community, admit it isn't shocking to find out an old rich white person says messed up things about race? It's almost a requirement to be a member of that demographic.

I think it is also important to note that while I find his views on race to be A) despicable and B) confusing (What white racist dates a no- white girl and claims she can sleep with all the black guys she wants? Something kinky is going on in that man's brain), but I don't have any problem with him expressing this verbally to someone. Freedom of speech is an absolute right. The best thing about America (in theory) is that everyone is allowed to look like a complete jackass.  And there might be some that wonder why I don't think this is a huge deal, and my answer is that nobody -- NOBODY -- is listening to this buffoon and going "you know what, this guy is making some solid points," Besides this guy is going to be dead in like 4 years and those of us left on this earth can continue to continue becoming a new rainbow nation.(Ed. note: except for the part where he control's people income and, outside the NBA, ability to live in places that can contribute to upward mobility.)