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Tim Sherwood actually made a decent point

It is notable when Tim Sherwood says things that are not insane or demonstrably false.

Clive Rose

I've made it quite clear over the last couple of months that I am not a fan of Tim Sherwood and that I would like someone else to manage Tottenham Hotspur next season. But it seems that football management is a brotherhood of sorts, and managers only criticize other managers in the context of one game, whether they're playing mind games or not.

That's why it is a bit interesting that other managers have talked openly about the Spurs job, even though Sherwood has a contract for next season. Sherwood's not too happy about this, and I have to say, this actually makes some sense.

"Every press conference I do it's 'this manager's coming in ... Van Gaal ... then Hoddle, this one and that one.' Some of these managers are actually touting themselves for my job. I don't think that's right. It's something that doesn't sit well with me. If anyone ever asks me about another job I just tell them that they've got another manager. Until they haven't got a manager and until I haven't got a job, say nothing."

Yes, Sherwood is probably a dead man walking and an interim boss with a contract that's just for show, but it is a contract. He hasn't been fired yet. And those who would be interested in the Spurs job if it came available should probably be a bit more respectful for the time being.