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Is Frank de Boer the top candidate for the Spurs job?

At least one outlet thinks so.

Claudio Villa

According to FOX Sports in the Netherlands, Frank de Boer is the top candidate to take over the likely soon to be vacant managerial position at Tottenham Hotspur. They imply that he already has an offer, is considering it and will not comment on the matter until Ajax's league campaign is done.

An excerpt, in Dutch.

Bij de Spurs zou de Boer kandidaat nummer één zijn om volgend seizoen de trainersposititie over te nemen van Tim Sherwood. De Boer heeft de aanbieding in overweging genomen, maar wil pas na de laatste competitiewedstrijd tegen NEC de knoop doorhakken.

And a rough translation.

De Boer will be the number one candidate to take over Tottenham Hotspur's head coaching role from Tim Sherwood. De Boer has considered the offer, but will only commit after the last league match of the season against NEC.

Are you buying that de Boer has already been offered the job by Spurs, at least in some informal sense? And are you buying that he's truly the club's top candidate? This is certainly believable, but I'm not sure how much I should be buying into this rumor. And I'd certainly be pleased if de Boer was appointed manager.