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Frank de Boer confirms Tottenham approach

Spurs and FDB sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Jasper Juinen

I think we all assumed Spurs would be making an approach for a new manager with the Top 4 being a Timpossibility. Now it seems like that is a certainty.

Reports in the Dutch media indicate that not only are Spurs interested in Frank de Boer, but that Frank might be interested in us too. According to the article, Spurs have already spoken to Marc Overmars, the Director of Football at Ajax, which would seem to indicate a formal approach. But we've been down this road before

What's really awesome though, is it seems like Frank de Boer might be TOTALLY into us you guys.

These are obviously extremely encouraging quotes. Not only are we decisively moving for a manager, but it seems like de Boer is more than a little interested in us. He certainly seems more inclined to go to a more traditional club than a mega bucks team like Monaco. Should he leave Ajax this season, it would seem that we fit the bill of the team he's looking for.