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Spurs deny de Boer contact

This was always coming, right?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Tottenham Hotspur might be chasing Frank de Boer and other managerial candidates, but they're still in denial mode at the moment. And why shouldn't they be? Tim Sherwood is under contract, after all, and the Spurs brass would probably like to win their last two games.

"No truth, nothing happening, we have a season to finish," was what a club spokesperson said to Sky Sports News, as read on the air on Tuesday evening. So, basically, they're accusing Ajax of lying. Okay!

I understand why Spurs' PR department would issue an outright denial, but there's no reason to believe them. Spurs have a reason to lie and Ajax don't. Also, Spurs are generally willing to issue no comment at all on rumors that are floating around. I'm more inclined to believe that something is true when they take the time to deny it outright.

I have no idea whether or not Frank de Boer will be the next Tottenham manager, but there's almost certainly more truth to today's reports than Spurs want to admit.