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Thursday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 3, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and daily links.

Alex Livesey

Happy Thursday, Spursland! Hey, look English readership, The USMNT played a game last night and we aren't talking about it at all in this the part of the Hoddle everyone skips so they can quickly scroll down and frantically argue about which farts smell better bacon or asparagus. That's because for some reason the USMNT game started at a ridiculous hour since it's on the West coast. That is a clear violation of how things work, in this country everything goes off at a time most convenient for the northeast. I don't care if that means the Giants kick off at 10 am LA time.

And now the "news"

Benny Charged By FA With Misconduct Over Twitter Posts-Sky Sports

Britain seems to really take this freedom of speech thing pretty seriously. Because they took a guy who ends every tweet with LOL to be a serious thing that needed to be addressed.

Levy Rules Out Major Spurs Upheaval-The Guardian

I'll take suspected vampire says things i don't want to hear for 200 Alex.

Spurs Considering Temporary Wembley Move While Stadium Is Built-Sky Sports

Que sera sera, gang. I really hope those are words and not made up sounds.  Other languages be crazy right gang?

The Barca Transfer Ban: What You Need To Know-SB Nation Soccer

They deserve if even more since there argument against sanctions was literally, we shouldn't be punished because La Masa is a really great place.  Fuck them they deserve it go Madrid.

Javier Pastore Breaks Some Ankles-SB Nation Soccer

After the game he was seen to go over to his Uncle Louis who's last name is spelled slightly different and was all like "You see that shit nerd".  His Uncle was a tri-lam at Adams College. I should make pop culture references that aren't 30 years old?  Well I guess that's a solid suggestion.

New York Cosmos Execute Solid April Fools Day Prank In A Temple Of Mediocrity-SB Nation

More like Time Square Cosmos amIright Chicken? (For the new people Shane used to be called chicken then he was banned and he creeped back in and he thought he was getting away with it for like months and really the entire staff knew and let it go because him thinking we didn't know it was him was hilarious) By the way I had someone explain the HIMYM ending and those of you who hate it are assholes.