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Lukaku's agent confirms talks with Levy

We can haz?


Ever since Chelsea purchased Romelu Lukaku they have somehow managed to completely neglect him, despite not having a single talented striker on their books. Many Spurs supporters have long dreamed of prying the Belgian striker away from those West London ingrates, but a fractious relationship with his former coach AVB always got in the way.

Thankfully, Daniel Levy is a genius and sacked AVB specifically because he knew we could pick up Lukaku this summer. Obviously.

And it looks like our dreams may possibly maybe become a reality, as Lukaku's agent has come out today hinting at the possibility of a switch:

"I'm looking for a club for Romelu. And yes, I've talked to Daniel Levy once, but that doesn't mean Romelu will definitely join Spurs. That's not a talking point at this moment."

"There aren't 20 teams that can afford to buy Romelu," he said. "He won't go from Everton to, let's say, Swansea. There's also a difference between Everton that plays against relegation and an Everton that fights for European football."

The move likely depends on Chelsea bringing in a new first choice striker, with Atletico Madrid's Diego Costa the oft-rumored target. Lukaku hasn't been happy about about his treatment at Chelsea so far. After an excellent pre-season he was shipped out again on loan to accommodate an elderly Samuel Eto'o (who to be fair has been very good for Chelsea). At this point, there's no way Lukaku will be happy with another loan, especially if Chelsea bring in a hot-shot new striker.

With Everton probably priced out of a move and no other clubs really in need of a striker like Lukaku and able to give him the first team football he wants, Spurs look as likely a candidate as any. And given our completely incompetent season and Mourinho's disdainful dismissal of Spurs and Sherwood ahead of the clubs' last meeting, Chelsea may not see us as a credible competitor and be unconcerned about strengthening our side. More fool them.

Unfortunately, it's also entirely plausible that we're once again just being used as a stalking horse to see what other possible moves might be available. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.