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Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag - Mailbag Harder

Bring us your Qs so we can give you As

Clive Brunskill

Started on Tuesday now we here. WDR is a bit late this week, but we're back. And we're back in time for your end of the week commute. Now that we've had enough time to crawl out of our vodka caves following the Liverpool match, the WDR crew is ready to turn our bleary eyes towards that tragedy and examine the train wreck in excruciating detail. Or just complain and sigh a lot. One or the other. We will then talk about some of the transfer rumors that have kicked around this week, the news about our new stadium, and our future in the Mongolian third division. After all that, we'll take a brief look at our game against Sunderland.

Then we will take your questions, which are sure to stimulate our minds and excite our bodies. So leave your best shots for us below. Unless you're Luis Suarez. Then please stop, we've had enough already. Ugh.