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Tottenham Hotspur felt the need to reassure Tim Sherwood

Whatever you say, guys.

Ross Kinnaird

Did poor little baby Tim get his feelings hurt because of all of the reports swirling around that Tottenham Hotspur are looking at potential replacements for him? Well, he must have, because the club issued this statement on Wednesday.

Reports that we have made approaches to other clubs regarding coaching staff are wholly inaccurate. We have NOT contacted any club regarding coaching appointments. We regret that a statement such as this is necessary, however we feel it is important to clarify matters.

It's certainly understandable that the club doesn't want Tim Sherwood submarining things and throwing a fit while he still has (at least ... gulp) two games left to coach. And it's certainly not a good look going forward if everyone thinks they're going behind the back of the coach they haven't actually fired yet.

But you know that Daniel Levy and co. are out sniffing around new coaches. Sherwood knows it, Frank de Boer knows it and Mauricio Pochettino knows it. I'm not sure what this statement does for Spurs, unless Sherwood started playing ding dong ditch with board members or something.