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What did Daniel Levy talk to Marc Overmars about?

Daniel Levy reportedly talked to Marc Overmars at Ajax recently, but the club denies it was about Frank De Boer. So what did they talk about?

Christof Koepsel

So someone at Spurs, probably Daniel Levy, has reportedly reached out to Marc Overmars, Director of Football at Ajax. Most people seem to think that the subject was Frank de Boer taking over as manager of Tottenham Hotspur (including Frank himself), but the club has already come out and denied that this was what they talked about. So what DID they talk about, then?

Here are some of our ideas.

  • "Mark, can you share your grandmother's recipe for pannekoeken?"
  • "So how much does Alan Hutton suck? Hahahahaha, I know, I KNOW!"
  • "Jurgen wants a scouting report on Aron Johannsson, can you help a brother out?"
  • "Can you get me some good weed?"
  • It was just a prank phone call - "If Marc's over Mars, what's under Mars?"
  • "Frank De Boer? No, I said Frank the BOAR. You know, from the Amsterdam Zoo. Can you get me in?"
  • "Hey Marc, so to answer your question, yes, firing Martin Jol does feel as good as you'd think."
  • "Marc what manager would you recommend that Spurs hire and then fire 18 months later this time around? Asking for a friend."
  • "As a lifelong die-hard Spurs fan, how does Dennis feel having a statute outside the Emirates? And why don't you have one?"
  • "£50 says Hull wins the FA Cup."
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