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Let's organize a Romelu Lukaku for Paulinho swap meet

Swap deals never happen, but this one is fun.

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Alex Livesey

Tottenham Hotspur don't like Chelsea very much. They tried to buy Luka Modric and gazumped us for Willian after he'd had a medical at White Hart Lane. It's tough to see a situation in which Daniel Levy would like to do business with the Blues ... unless Romelu Lukaku is for sale.

Enter Matt Law of the Telegraph. He's expanded on the story we passed along earlier in the day, suggesting that Chelsea's interest in Paulinho and Spurs' interest in Lukaku could result in the two striking a deal.

Relations between Chelsea and Tottenham have been strained since the Blues gazumped Spurs to sign Willian for £32m from Anzhi Makhachkala.

But with Spurs set to make a summer bid for Chelsea striker Lukaku, an uneasy truce could be called to help the transfer interests of both clubs.

Lukaku has spent the season on loan at Everton, scoring 14 goals, and is valued at £25m by Chelsea. That is roughly the same amount of money Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy would demand for Paulinho.

Law doesn't specifically call this a potential swap deal, but it's implied that each club values their current player at the same amount of money. Therefore, swap deal!

Of course, swap deals don't usually happen. And Law also talks about Chelsea potentially selling David Luiz, which would probably make Paulinho a bit less interested in a move to Chelsea. And, again, you should not underestimate Levy's tendency to value his pride and Spurs' image over everything else.

This probably isn't going to happen, but it's fun to think about. I'm certainly down with a Paulinho-Lukaku swap. I doubt you can find any Chelsea fans who like the idea, though.