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Tim Sherwood starts Hugo Lloris negotiations Dr. Evil style

This is a good starting point.

Clive Rose

Hugo Lloris is ours and you can't have him. Unless you have £100 million. Then you can totally have him, so says Tim Sherwood.

"Hugo is one of the top goalies and unless someone is going to spend £100million on him - and keepers do not get bought for that money - I don't think he will leave. It was only that kind of figure that tempted the club to sell Gareth Bale - and he desperately wanted to leave and progress his career at Real Madrid."

Of course, it will take much less than £100 million to pry Lloris away from Tottenham Hotspur. He'd definitely be sold if a team offered half that. A team would have a very good chance of prying him away from Daniel Levy if they offered one-third of that.

But as funny and ridiculous as this quote is, it makes a point to anyone who was thinking about coming in for Lloris. Tottenham are not interested in selling him and are not going to take a reasonable fee just because they're not in Champions League. They're intent on keeping him, and if you want him, you better make an offer they can't refuse.

It's actually not a bad negotiating tactic.