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Tuesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links April 8, 2014

Christian Eriksen have my babies

Ian Walton

Happy Tuesday Spursland! Who the hell is Luka Modric? Who the hell is Luka Modric? Who The hell Is Luka Modric? Oh crap Eriksen will be sold in two more years.

Better enjoy the crap out of him now, and I mean that in the most positive live in the moment way.

And now the "news"

Adebayor Salute's Big Tim-Sky Sports

Breaking news, when Tim Sherwood departs Ade will force a transfer to the Denver Broncos.

Tim Sherwood Not Effected By Job Rumors-BBC

Because he has no emotions.  Like some sort of shark that isn't very good at killing his prey.  Sounds like a sand shark.  Sand shark sounds like a good fit.  Ladies and gentlemen Tim "sand shark" Sherwood!

Soccer Fight Turns Into Kicks Only Battle Royal-SB Nation Soccer

The soundtrack to this fight provided by the great George Clinton. You know, Bill's brother.

So Why Did The USWNT Fire Tom Sermanni-Stars And Stripes FC

Because his name isn't Pia Sundhage.  I am so smart it hurts sometimes.

The Three Lukakus-SB Nation Soccer

This is still going on, "the Lukaku and Chelsea have a thing between them or something" bit?  I mean my god this isn't a plane in the Indian ocean this story has to end.  One of the two stories must come to a close.  After all there can only be one highlander!