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Wheeler Dealer Radio Mailbag - The Mailbaggening

Give us your Qs so we can give you As

Ian Walton

We're coming to you a day later, but only so us 'muricans had a chance to watch the game. We'll be talking about our surprisingly enjoyable stomping of Sunderland, but we'll also address Tim's future with the club because apparently foregone conclusions are news this week. We'll probably fight over who gets to ask Christian Eriksen to the prom and then take a moment to answer your questions. Then we'll talk about getting Erik Lamela's face on a milk carton or something. Then we'll take your questions.

So give us your best shots below and make sure we have something interesting to talk about. It all depends on you. Want to know what our favorite thing about Christian Eriksen is? Who would win in a fight between Tim Sherwood and a comet? How we want the league table to shake out this season? If we all agree that LVG looks like an elderly Chinese woman? Now is your chance to find out. Ask away in the comments or on the twitter machine.