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Tim Sherwood offered his old job?

No one expects Tim Sherwood to manage Tottenham Hotspur next season, but the club probably aren't going to fire him outright.

Ian Walton

Monday's 5-1 win over Sunderland has everyone feeling a lit less hostile towards Tim Sherwood, though there aren't many who want to see him remain Tottenham Hotspur manager past this season. The club still values him, however, and it seems like he'll at least be offered some sort of opportunity to remain with the club, even if it isn't as first team head coach.

The Independent are reporting that the club are set to offer Sherwood his old job as technical coordinator back to him. They value what he's done in that role and as youth coach, but they want a more experienced man as manager, which is certainly understandable. Apparently, Sherwood has already been told that he will not manage the club after this season, and there's also a nugget in the Indy story about Les Ferdinand.

The former Spurs midfielder was told of his fate at a meeting with Levy and the club's director of football, Franco Baldini, on Monday. Levy made it clear that Sherwood would not be in charge beyond the final game of the season against Aston Villa on 11 May and all that remains to be done now is reach settlement on the final 12 months of Sherwood's contract. It is unlikely that coach Les Ferdinand will stay at the club either.

Sherwood will probably be faced with a tough decision. On one hand, having a job is better than not having a job. On the other hand, working for a team immediately after they tell you that you're not good enough for your old position doesn't sound too fun. Whether or not he takes a demotion will probably depend on whether or not he gets any kind of serious management offer from another club.