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Spurs, along with Liverpool and Chelsea, after Argentinian winger

Sure, scout away.

Dino Panato

Meet Juan Iturbe, the young man pictured above. He's a winger, currently playing for Serie A side Hellas Verona on loan from FC Porto. He's 20 years old, has five goals in 10 appearances for the Argentina Under-20s and is having one hell of a season in Serie A. He's a tiny, tricky winger who's good at cutting in from the right to score with his left foot, so of course he's drawing Lionel Messi comparisons.

And wouldn't you know it, he's being linked to Tottenham HotspurThe Daily Mail, who sure do know how to get their stories in places where lots of people are going to read them, also say that Liverpool and Chelsea are interested in Iturbe. I'm shocked they didn't throw in Arsenal for good measure.

Here's what the Mail had to say.

Scouts from Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham are poised to watch Verona's Juan Iturbe on Monday, but they will be awaiting to see if he shakes off a thigh injury first ... Iturbe picked up a bruised thigh barely 30 minutes into last weekend's 4-0 win over Catania and is a doubt for Monday and scouts may reschedule for their game with Udinese next Saturday.

Seems plausible enough, yes?

Iturbe's a pretty big talent and I can see him being good enough to start for a Champions League-contending Premier League side in the near future, but I'm not sure why he'd be for sale or why Spurs would pay what Porto would ask for him. He's going to get more valuable if he turns in a good season for Porto -- especially if they make the Champions League -- so selling him now doesn't make much sense. And Spurs are unlikely to buy a left-footed right winger before they figure out whether or not Erik Lamela is going to come good.

I believe that Spurs are keeping an eye on Iturbe, but I don't believe that they'll be bidding for him this summer.