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Watch Tim Sherwood give a random fan his manager's seat

Tim Sherwood has picked his successor and it is ... this dude.

Letting your outgoing manager handpick your next manager worked out so well for Manchester United that Tottenham Hotspur decided to let Tim Sherwood pick his successor. His selection was a random fan sitting near the bench.

Credit to the guy, Spurs didn't surrender a single goal under his leadership. If I've done my math right, that means Spurs are on pace to finish next season with 38 clean sheets with him as manager.

In all seriousness, this was a really cool move by Sherwood. I still don't like him as a manager, or speaker, or anything where I have to visibly see him representing the club, but on the final day of the season to hand a fan the manager's seat is awesome. That fan got a patented Sherwood vest and sat next to Les Ferdinand for a few minutes in the Spurs dugout.

In an absolutely forgettable season, this will be remembered.