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Would Rafa Benitez leave Napoli for Tottenham?

Napoli are in Champions League, probably won't sell Marek Hamsik and probably will spend a bit of money this summer. Apparently Rafa Benitez would rather come back to England than stick around?

Dino Panato

There's no major footballing reason that one would want to leave Napoli for Tottenham Hotspur. Napoli are in Champions League, have some world class players, have about the same amount of money to spend in the summer as Spurs do and have a chance to win their domestic league next season, unlike Spurs. But apparently, that's not how Rafa Benitez is thinking.

Maybe Aurelio Di Laurentiis is impossible to work with. Maybe Rafa hates Italy and misses England. Maybe one Telegraph journalist is seriously misinformed. But the Telegraph have been one of the better papers for breaking football news and rumors lately, so here's a conversation Jason Burt of that paper had with a fan on Twitter.

Rafa wants it, huh? Well, that puts him in a category with Mauricio Pochettino and Frank de Boer, if true. It seems like the Tottenham Hotspur job is a seriously coveted one at the moment, and we can have our pick of solid managers.

This isn't a bad situation to be in.