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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 12, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, with the offseason.

Clive Rose

Happy off season, Spursland! And so the sun sets on this season. Many will call it a lost season, a forgotten season, a failed season. Personally, looking back with the perfect vision that hindsight gives us, I think this season was always going to be like this -- a transitional year for us, a crossroads.

This last year was the first season of a new era for us. The previous saw the death of the era that saw Berbatov, Bale, and Modric come in, come into their own only to move on to bigger and greener (get it) pastures. And what was bubbling under the surface was our youth development explosion. My first season supporting this team, the only one I ever have, saw Berbatov come in and I followed the transfer obsessively from my tiny DC office hoping my boss wouldn't catch me ignoring my work to look for fresh transfer rumors AGAIN. The entire time I have been with this team, my team, the most exciting thing for the supporters each off season has been who is coming in. Who is leaving too, but almost entirely who will we buy.

This off-season is different. I think perhaps the birth of a new age for us. I don't care who we buy, really. Sure, I'd like to see a CB or two, and a left back, but really It's not that important to me. I can't wait to see next year with this group. I want to see little Tom come back and compete with Eriksen and Pritchard. I want to see Pualinho show what he can do now that he is comfortable. I want Chadli to unveil what he only showed flashes of this year.  We have Lamela coming back a year more mature and healthy, Townsend, HARRY GOD DAMN KANE, Soldado after a settling in period and here is where I stop because there is all too much to be excited for.

Don't get me wrong, we will be here all summer for you, and content won't lag a bit. The boys will have up to the minute coverage of the manager hunt, and transfers and all of that, but as for me, my summer is going to be spent sitting around late at night after a stand up show being comforted on the nights it doesn't go well with dreams of what this team will do next year, where I really REALLY believe we will see the dawning of an age ruled from North London, and not the shit part.

And now the "news"

I Would Have Made Top 4, Says Sherwood- BBC

I don't particularly like the decisions he makes as a manager, but I think I would genuinely get along with Tim. And lets face it, we gave him an insane amount of shit these last few months and he did a pretty good job considering his level of experience. Part of me, the one that likes to think of myself as the best damn whatever I am doing at that moment, likes a guy who has the confidence to say this stuff.

Big Tim Will Manage Elsewhere If Spurs Don't Want Him- Guardian

Good for him, I think in the long run he will have a great career and I wish him the best. Unless he signs for another EPL team in which case fuck him and his mother's sour vagina. I hope he tried to cook her a nice Mother's Day meal and gave her food poisoning.

Livermore Wants Hull Return- Sky Sports

Notice I didn't name Livermore above? I always knew he was a two timing little poopyhead. You know what, take Tim with you. We shall bury you in the mid table. Have a nice life

Sky Reports Man United Make £27 Million Luke Shaw Bid- The Busby Babe

And so it begins. Real smart move though, don't have a new manager yet and blow a huge amount of a player he may not want. Okay, who the mystery person might want, but it's still a bit early. Seems to me that with the amount and how early the bid came in, they are afraid that bigger fish might snatch Shaw up and they want to try and get business done early.

Manchester City Win Title- SB Nation Soccer

It's weird this year. On Facebook I noticed a lot of people whom, when I met them, were hardcore Chelsea fans and suddenly they have been posting a lot of Man City hashtags. And so everything has come full circle, it only took six years.

Charles Barkley Won't Apologize To The Women Of San Antonio- SB Nation

Good, nobody should ever apologize for a joke unless nobody laughed at it.

NFL Draft Grades- SB Nation

The Ravens drafter someone named Crocket Gilmore. That's next level naming. Think about that as you are about to write Noah on a birth certificate.

Some of you are sad and are not smiling because the season is over. Let Rachel Fogletto make you smile (NSFW)