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Report: Sherwood to be sacked Tuesday

The Timpossible Dream is coming to an end.

Clive Rose

Update: They were right, he's gone

According to the Daily Mail, Tim Sherwood will be sacked on Tuesday. Tottenham Hotspur were always going to move on from Sherwood and appoint a more experienced coach going into next season, but the circumstances by which he'd depart or get demoted weren't entirely clear. As it turns out, he's probably just going to get canned and will get paid off, since he has a year remaining on his contract.

The Mail claims that Maurcio Pochettino is the favorite to replace Sherwood, while Frank de Boer is another candidate. So, no revelations there.

Here's what the Mail had to say:

Tim Sherwood will hold crunch talks with chairman Daniel Levy on Tuesday, a meeting that is expected to signal the end of his reign as Tottenham boss ... The former Blackburn midfielder is set to be told the news by Levy during showdown talks.

And with that, the Timpossible Dream comes to a close.

As much as we've taken the piss out of Sherwood during his reign as boss, he's obviously done some very good things for the club and I wish him nothing but the best in the future. He's probably going to get calls from Norwich, West Brom and Blackburn and I sincerely hope he lands one of those jobs.