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Tim Sherwood leaves Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs to move on from their third manager in two years.

Clive Rose

After a tumultuous half season, Tottenham Hotspur have elected to part ways with Tim Sherwood as their head coach. Sherwood took charge of the club in late December after what was meant to be a progression following Andre Villas-Boas' collapse under the weight of an underwhelming attack, a near constant assault form the media and backroom shenanigans of an immense dimension. After being unable to land a more long term replacement, the team turned to Sherwood, the director of their youth setup.

As a player, Sherwood had made 93 appearances for Spurs, and he had been a member of the club's youth coaching staff since 2008. After being handed the reigns by Daniel Levy, Sherwood immediately gave the team more freedom than we had seen under AVB, providing more goals, but he his lack of seasoning as a manager quickly caught up with him when he ran into the top four sides. While he finished with a record of 14-4-10, his only victory against a top six side came against Everton.

In a season that found Spurs unable to cope with their preseason expectations, Sherwood's inexperience almost certainly did not make him the man for the job. He departs a Spurs team almost certainly looking to move on from the debacle that both coaches produced this year as quickly as possible. While rumors abound that Spurs would like Sherwood to return to the youth squad, Sherwood will almost certainly be looking for jobs further down the English leagues for a head coach position. Despite the disaster that much of this season has been, his experience with our youth team and his ability to keep this season from being a complete tire fire means he probably deserves to try his hand at managing a team in the Championship

Vaya con dios, Tim. Heaven needed a gillet.