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Daniel Levy says Sherwood's contract had a termination clause

The 18-month contract was completely for show after all.

Steve Bardens

When Tim Sherwood was given an 18-month contract back in the winter, we assumed it was meant to simply avoid the 'interim' tag. Surely, players would respect a manager more if they knew there was a possibility he would continue as manager into next season, right?

Well, as it turns out, Sherwood always was just an interim boss. Daniel Levy basically admitted as much in the club's statement about Sherwood's departure.

"We appointed Tim mid-season as someone who knew both the players and the Club. We agreed an 18-month contract with a break clause at the end of the season and we have now exercised that option."

The chances that the club having an out clause in Sherwood's contract was kept secret from all of the players? Probably pretty small, though they did manage to keep it from us.

In any event, I'm glad the break was so clean, since I feared it wouldn't be. Kudos to Levy for not trying to hold out to make some money, even though he probably could have.

Here's the rest of the club's statement.

"Since appointing Tim as Assistant First Team Coach in 2008 and then as Technical Co-ordinator in 2010 and Head of Football Development in 2012, we have been supportive of him during football management changes throughout that period. On behalf of the Club, I should like to state our thanks for all his efforts during his years with us. We wish him great success in his managerial career.

Moving forward, now the season is over, we shall embark on the process of finding a new Head Coach. We have a talented squad and exciting young players coming through. We need to build on this season, develop our potential and inspire the kind of performances that we associate with our great Club."

We're going to start interviewing candidates soon, so look out for our regular manager shortlist series. We'll be running pieces for the rest of the week.

And good luck to Sherwood in the future. He'll have a job at a high level next season and I'm hoping he's able to make the most of it.