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Opening odds for Spurs manager about what you'd expect

Two candidates stand out above the rest. The next two have some decent odds too. Then, off a cliff.

Dino Panato

Some opening odds for Tottenham Hotspur's next manager have dropped in light of Tim Sherwood's sacking, and they're fun to look at. There's nothing shocking here, but it's fun nonetheless. Check out the lines over at Odds Checker, which gathers the lines from a variety of books.

A few points.

Holy hell, the betting houses get rich off this stuff

This isn't news, but just a reminder. As Michael Caley put it to me earlier today, "on Sky the odds add up to more than 150 percent, so they're raking it like 50 pence on every pound bet." Unless a bunch of you throw a ton of money on one of these 50-1 candidates right now and that guy gets hired before they have a chance to change the odds, they're going to get paid. And obviously, the point of setting the lines where they do is making money.

Pochettino and de Boer are the two obvious favorites

They're the two names we've heard the most about, they're the two guys we're most likely to interview and, if you make a bet on them, you're not going to make any money. Sky and a few other betting houses have him at 11/10 right now. They think he's the guy and don't really want to lose money. They're also at 2/1 on de Boer, while no one's at more than 3/1 on him. They don't want to get burned if the second choice gets the job over Poch.

Rafa and Moyes: A good way to waste money

This is where everyone gets paid. You look at 6/1 on Rafa or 10/1 on Moyes, think it's worth a punt and you lose. Come on, those odds aren't wide enough to make it worth it. Those guys are less likely to get the job than a bunch of the guys below them.

English bookies don't know anything about Thomas Tuchel

Hilariously, Tuchel doesn't show up on half of the books listed here. He's 5th favorite on Sky, though, and joint 6th favorite on BetVictor. That's behind Michael Laudrup, by the way. lol.

The bookies think the Allegri rumors were bogus. Thank god.

Max Allegri's agent didn't fool the bookies by 'leaking' to Italian media that Allegri was a very serious candidate for the Spurs job. And for that, Edward F. and I are eternally grateful.

Looking for a cheeky punt? How about Carlo Ancelotti.

If Daniel Levy's willing to wait until May 25 to make a move, there might be a very, very good candidate available. Carlo Ancelotti lost the La Liga title this weekend and I wouldn't put it past Real Madrid to do something harsh if he loses the Champions League final to Atlético Madrid. He'll probably jump from 33/1 to something like 10/1 overnight if he gets sacked. Get in on that action early.

Odds (from Sky)

Mauricio Pochettino - 11/10
Frank de Boer - 2/1
Rafa Benitez - 5/1
David Moyes - 9/1
Thomas Tuchel - 10/1
Michael Laudrup - 25/1
Roberto Martinez - 28/1
Luciano Spalletti - 28/1
Jurgen Klinsmann - 33/1
Roberto Mancini - 33/1
Carlo Ancelotti - 33/1
Max Allegri - 33/1
Gus Poyet - 33/1