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Here's Lewis Holtby scissor tackling Howard Webb

This is brilliant.

Mike Hewitt

You've probably seen some of the highlights from the Ledley King testimonial by now. I heard about the wonderfulness that is Lewis Holtby taking down Howard Webb, but I don't think I properly visualized it. Lucky for us, one kind citizen was able to make a Vine from the stands.

Obviously, this is a planned stunt, but based on the reaction of the people in the crowd, that's not totally obvious from the outset. To Webb's credit, he played along brilliantly, flopping expertly. And props to Holtby for returning the favor with a professional dive on the return shove.

Taking the piss out of Howard Webb is a favorite pasttime of football supporters, but it's nice to know that he's down for some fun despite being a scary-looking police officer.