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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 14, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with a healthy dose of awesome.

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did anyone just hear that fart?
did anyone just hear that fart?
Paul Gilham

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Did you like yesterday? I bet you did. How much coverage can you handle? What's that, you are still catching up from yesterday's salvo of awesome? Who could blame you. And if you liked that, strap in folks, summers round these parts get crazy.

Seriously, they get really crazy. Kevin doing the helicopter dick on a table in the newsroom crazy. He took Modric leaving hard, don't judge him.

And now the "news"

Daniel Levy's Managers, George Graham To Tim Sherwood- Guardian

PIMP JUICE! Am I right, gang? Use 'em and loose 'em, that's how we do. We'll settle down when our fun is done and we find the bad one, the ride or die one. I am painfully white and I apologize.

Tottenham Move Could Cost Poch £2 Million- Telegraph

Expect more from our crack breaking news team on this subject soon. And expect me referring to him as Poch to continue, I don't care if it's what my old roommate called her vagina.

USMNT World Cup Squad: The Midfielders- Stars And Stripes FC

Oh yeah, we be coming. We are a hard people, a rough and tumble people from a land that produces things that even the Australian world order would run from. For example this, which can be found in just about any river or creek. And lets not forget the things that eat them. My point is that hard places breed hard people and we are coming for all of you, but lets still be friends, okay?

Why iI Might Make Sense To Let David Luiz Go- We Ain't Got No History

Paging Daniel Levy.

COUNTER POINT- We Ain't Got No History

I mean we don't want that piece of drunken garbage anyway.

Cyber Bully An 6-7 215 Pound Undefeated World Champ Is Dumb- Bad Left Hook

Ideally, this is the way would would handle all situations like this, but no, we have to have "laws" and "order". What a bunch of bullshit, lets punch the dickheads. I think I'll put that on my family crest.

The EPL's Institutionalized Misogyny- SB Nation Soccer

So this isn't just a leaked script from Inside Amy Schumer? It should be because this is hilarious. Who talks like this? Oh, I can answer that, guy who have to pay for it.

Nutmegging Without Touching The Ball- SB Nation Soccer

That's not hard to do, if you have a well stocked spice rack! I am so sorry. I'll be funny tomorrow, I promise.

Police Giving Alarming Advice To World Cup Goers, Like Really Alarming- BBC

It isn't that no one can hear you scream, it's that it makes them turn into mildly annoyed murder crazy monsters.