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Surprise! Everyone hated Tim Sherwood

Tim Sherwood stinks.

Paul Gilham

Know how we had all these theories about Tim Sherwood alienating players? All the fear we had about Hugo Lloris and Jan Vertonghen and Sandro demanding to leave because of the bridges he burned? Well, turns out our fears were totally justified. According to The Mirror, a bunch of other outlets and every ITK on the internet, everyone was super pissed at Sherwood and demanded his sacking.

Take it away, Mirror!

Tim Sherwood was sacked as Tottenham boss after top stars told chairman Daniel Levy: "Either he goes - or we do."

Had Sherwood survived, midfielders Paulinho, Sandro and Etienne Capoue, defender Jan Vertonghen and keeper Hugo Lloris are understood to have been prepared to quit White Hart Lane this summer.

The good news here is that Sherwood is now gone and none of these players said they want to leave no matter what. If we turn around and appoint someone like Frank de Boer or Mauricio Pochettino, everyone should be perfectly happy to stick it out for another year. And if we have a really good season, another year still.

We've stopped the wheels from falling off, but thanks for loosening the screws, Tim.