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Spurs reportedly battling Everton, Arsenal for Newcastle striker

Ehh, fine. I guess. This isn't the worst thing.

Jamie McDonald

Loic Remy. What comes to mind when you read that name? I bet I know.

The first thing you thought was "He's a decent enough striker." The second thing you thought was "Wait, wasn't he that guy who was accused of rape." He's not facing any charges, though, so I'm glad it seems like he probably didn't rape anyone.

Anyway, Loic Remy is about the least inspired signing that a club like Tottenham Hotspur could make, so of course they're being linked to him. The Daily Star says we're interested, but that Everton are also in the race and that Arsenal are the favorites to sign him.

If we're selling Emmanuel Adebayor and our new manager thinks Roberto Soldado can be revived and Harry Kane is a superstar in the making, I guess we could do worse than paying something in the high seven figures and hopefully not eight figures for Remy. But even though he boasts a very nice scoring record in France and England, he's a bit inconsistent and I'm not terribly interested.

Anyone care to tell me I'm wrong and that he'd be a brilliant capture?