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Tottenham chasing Spanish teenage starlet?

Yes, want. But let's lowball first!

Denis Doyle

Real Betis have been relegated and they're quite broke, so they need to sell off their assets. Their biggest asset is winger Alvaro Vadillo, and Metro says that Tottenham Hotspur are set to bid £8m for him.

Some of the shine has come off Vadillo in the last year, but that's not all his fault. He's been playing for an absolutely horrible Real Betis team that almost no 19-year-old attacker would find a way to shine in. Almost none of his struggles are his fault.

It's also worth noting, again, that Vadillo is just 19. Even if he had a completely disastrous season -- which he didn't -- he'd still be considered a top prospect with massive potential.

But at the same time, the price the Metro came out with is a bit high. Betis have been relegated to the second division and are in serious financial trouble. They're not in a position to hold out for big prices for their assets. And even if Vadillo's loss of form isn't his fault at all, he's still not in form, and paying top dollar for out of form players isn't advisable.

I'd be fine with paying £8m for Vadillo, but it shouldn't be our starting point. And knowing Daniel Levy, if he's actually after Vadillo, it won't be.