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Awful rumor links Spurs to swap of good players for bad player

Sure, let's just give up on Sandro and Erik Lamela.

Claudio Villa

We've discussed Goran Pandev in these pages before. He's played for Napoli for the last few seasons and he's painfully average. He doesn't finish well enough to be a starting center forward, nor does he have the size or pace to make up for the fact that he can't finish. He's more of a second striker, but his touch and passing are just above average for a striker, not exceptional. He had 7 goals and 4 assists in a rotational role for Napoli this season. Basically, he's a crappier, older version of Harry Kane.

So of course, Spurs are being linked to him. They were linked to him in January too, but never pulled the trigger, probably because he isn't that good and wouldn't help the team much at all. But everyone's favorite Italian transfer rumor regurgitator TuttoMercatoWeb is here to tell you all about his potential move. My crappy Google Translate hackjob below.

Tottenham is monitoring him, and Spurs might add the 30-year-old as part of a transfer involving Sandro or Erik Lamela to the shadow of Mount Vesuvius.

Oh, we're interested in Sandro as a makeweight for Lamela or Sandro! That makes sense. I totally want to add a poor man's Harry Kane in exchange for one of our two potentially world class players. That makes a ton of sense.

I guarantee you that any manager Daniel Levy hires will have plans for both Lamela and Sandro. They will get another season to prove their value to Spurs. Levy isn't selling low on either of them this summer.

And I don't want Goran Pandev.