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Erik Lamela swap deal rumors continue to make me cry


Charlie Crowhurst

I know what you're sick of. You're sick of rumors about swapping Erik Lamela for a mediocre player from Serie A and some cash. We talked about one of these rumors earlier today, and we're about to talk about another one, because they keep popping up.

According to La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Inter Milan are still interested in Erik Lamela and Tottenham Hotspur are interested in Inter defender Andrea Ranocchia. You know what that means. Swap meet! I can't track down the original Gazzetta report -- it might be print-only right now -- but it's on every Italian transfer blog on the internet. Here's what had to say.

[Lamela] may return to Italy, perhaps in exchange for [Andrea] Ranocchia, who is having talks about extending his contract which expires in 2015. If Inter opt to sell him, [Gazetta's] hypothesis is the swap could take place because the defender is in Spurs' crosshairs.

Ranocchia, for what it's worth, is a decent defender. He's big, good in the air, not horrible technically and has experience playing for a big club. He's also slow as molasses, but I can see why Franco Baldini and a potential coach could look past that.

But he's not going to be part of a Lamela swap deal, because OH MY GOD WHY ARE WE GIVING UP ON LAMELA STOP.