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WDR Mailbag - You Only Mailbag Twice

Give us your Qs so we can give you our As

Clive Rose

The Timpossible Dream is over. RIP Tim. Time shall never dim the glory of your 3-3 draws to West Brom.

Well the season is (mercifully) over and we're back to talk it through one last time. Empty your liquor cabinet and play along with us as we look back in anger. Missed opportunities! Underperforming players! Not one but TWO terrible coaches! Losing to West Ham THREE FRIGGING TIMES! Christian Eriksen being awesome! How did it all come to this? We will try to fight through the tears and make sense of it all.

Then we'll evaluate the current managerial situation and look at the leading candidates and latest news. We'll take a quick trip to bat country before we wrap up with the mailbag. This will be our last regular podcast for a while, at least until something happens on the managerial front or the World Cup starts. Whichever happens first. So give us some good questions.