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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham hotspur News And Links For May 16, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes, and we're surviving summer.

Paul Gilham

Happy Friday Spursland!  Well gang, we did it. Week one of summer in the books. I know it was white knuckle here and there for some of you. Maybe you needed to go get three or four pieces of nickel candy so the sugar would help with the shakes, it's okay. This feeling passes, and transforms from panic and the pain of longing and sorrow into a nugget of unbearable depression you will carry around in the pit of your stomach until the moment when the first game of the World Cup kicks off.

Happy summer, boys and girls!

And now the "news"

Levy Not A Football Man, Says Allen- BBC

My, what an astute observation. His job is to run a football BUSINESS. He hires other people for the football. You know, like smart business people do, you hire experts to deal with the stuff you don't know about.

Sherwood Ready For Comeback- Sky Sports

Blackburn better get a vest ready because someone is about to bring the thunder and his own brand of crazy to the Championship!

Sevilla Win Europa On Penalties- SB Nation Soccer

I honestly just assumed this tournament was over and nobody had bothered to report on it.

Las Vegas Launches Bid For MLS Team- SB Nation Soccer

This is stupid for a number of reasons and I shall name a few of them.

1. At the current number of teams MLS already has too many and while the level of American talent grows each year, adding  24th team dilutes the product to a point where it becomes kind of unwatchable.  I have trouble watching the team i like, am I presumably the target demo for getting viewership for games I don't have a rooting interest in going to tune in to see this level of play? No. I have too many other entertainment options on my TV. (Ed. note: The level of play in MLS is higher than it has ever been and maintaining it isn't that hard because it's at a middling enough place that you can find another 200 players around the world who are as good as the average MLS player. Improving it, well that's another story, but that hinges on local development and expansion is either irrelevant to that or helps that, depending on who you ask.)

2. Las Vegas is a pit. It is a city of mirrors and facades that hides that it is a town which shouldn't exist as it does in that environment. It has also stopped growing. The boom period of the 90's has ended and without the casinos it will go under. And has anyone noticed how many casinos are being built in places that aren't Atlantic City or Vegas lately? I have four within a reasonable drive of my house, I don't need Vegas. And just for the sake of further argument, does anyone know how much water it will take to keep a pitch playable in the dessert in the summer? And the water levels of Lake Meade are continuing to drop alarmingly fast. So much so that the Colorado river DOESN'T EVEN MAKE IT TO THE OCEAN ANYMORE. It doesn't even make it to the Mexican border. But go ahead turn on the sprinklers.

Our Liverpool Blog Is Freaking BAout About A Possible Suarez Sale- Liverpool Offside

We know how it is, guys. Really, we do. And we really hope it happens to you.