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Adebayor wants to stay

So don't go and sell him while you're rosterbating.

Paul Gilham

A lot of talk about Tottenham Hotspur's summer transfer business has occurred while assuming that there will be offers for Emmanuel Adebayor's services, and that Tottenham will be willing to consider those offers. It's probably not smart to give up on Roberto Soldado yet and Harry Kane looks like a star in the making, so there's a good chance that Adebayor enters next season as third choice, regardless of who the manager is.

There's just one problem: Adebayor doesn't want to leave. In an interview with Fabrice Muamba, he stated in pretty clear terms that he would like to stick around, though he acknowledges that he'd leave if the chairman wanted to get rid of him and he was offered a lot of money by the club trying to buy him.

FM: Last one... what's next for Adebayor? Are we going to see you here next season or are we going to see you at PSG because PSG are saying a lot of stuff right now. Are we going to see you in Madrid or are we going to see you back up north? What is the plan for Adebayor?

EA: I cannot say, oh, [clicks fingers] I will be a Tottenham player.

FM: Would you stay here?

EA: At the moment I have got two years left on my contract. But what happens if I wake up and what has happened to me in the past has happened again?

What if the chairman called me and if the new manager says about moving me on, what do you want me to do?

FM: But if another club came in and says, 'Ade, we've got some ching-ching for you...'

EA: Thank you for that question. That is what people don't understand. You are a footballer.


FM: But I am talking PSG... No, not PSG... Monaco! They say they want you to go back to Monaco where everything started. Monaco. Would you go back?

EA: But you know, I have two years left on my contract at Tottenham.

The whole interview is really good, mostly because it's not a typical interview. Because Muamba is a good friend of Adebayor's and a former player who hasn't been in the journalism business that long, he ends up having a much more interesting conversation with Adebayor than most journalists would.

I'm not strongly for or against Adebayor leaving, but it's certainly nice that he likes being here and wants to stay. It'll be an interesting summer, no doubt.