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De Boer bowing out of race to be Spurs boss?

And then there was one? Or two, if you count Rafa Benitez?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Frank de Boer was pretty honest about wanting the Tottenham Hotspur job a couple of weeks ago, but he's become a fairly clear No. 2 candidate for the job behind Mauricio Pochettino. He's since realize that pissing off his current employers isn't a great idea if he's not going to get offered a really good job elsewhere, so he's backtracking a bit. The Mirror had some quotes from him where he says he's very happy to stay at Ajax.

"It seems obvious why I would want to stay at Ajax. If we can keep our team together, we can aim higher next season. Then, depending on the draw, you can demand from yourself to reach the [knockout] round of the Champions League - I think that's a great aim to have. Look at Feyenoord, which keeps their whole team last year together. If we can keep our team together as Feyenoord, we can lay down higher goals."

Of course, they're not keeping their team together. Their current players, sure, but that "keep our team together" ship has sailed. You've already sold your best players and you didn't have superstar youngsters replace them last season.

De Boer seems to know he won't get offered a position anywhere better than Ajax, so he's doing the smart thing. He's backtracking and saying he doesn't want to leave. I'd do the same thing.