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Levy bares all to Supporters Trust

We got some interesting news from the Club's meeting with the Supporters Trust.

Clive Rose

Earlier this week, the club  had a meeting with the Tottenham Hotspur Supporter's Trust, where they discussed various issues that relate to the club, its future, and its relationship with the fans. The Supporter's Trust recently released their minutes of the meeting and they contain several interesting nuggets of information. Let's take a quick look at some choice highlights.

The New Stadium

  • Daniel Levy explained how the Compulsory Purchase Order on the one remaining property (Archway Steel) was still outstanding, a year after the public enquiry in March 2013. THFC had been advised a decision was imminent in September 2013 and has been following up fortnightly through lawyers ever since
  • THFC has already relocated 71 businesses from Tottenham amicably to secure the land for the new stadium
  • THFC has been trying to purchase Archway Steel for 10 years now and until this is finally resolved, work cannot begin on the new stadium
  • Levy commented that the timings were increasingly tight and there was the possibility this may be pushed back if the CPO was any further delayed
  • The possibility of ground sharing for the final season prior to the new stadium opening was raised by THST. Levy advised that THFC had an open mind as to where this may be but this was looking increasingly like a possibility.

Why heavens to betsy, it would seem that contrary to what some portions of our fanbase believe, ENIC is not a lazy behemoth who never plan on building a new stadium! Perhaps, building a 60,000+ seater stadium in one of the densest urban environments in the world is kind of tricky. In particular, I'm struck by the 71 businesses they've relocated, a number I haven't seen before. That's A LOT of ground work that's been laid. It seems like the hold up is one business in particular. Hopefully this is resolved soon so things can get back on schedule. It also seems like we're certainly moving towards a ground share to get this thing done sooner rather than later. Let's hope its at the Emirates so we can trash the joint every other week or so.

The Team

  • Levy explained that we needed a manager who believed in our football philosophy, where we would be entertained
  • Levy stated we have a very good group of players at the Club and, ideally, we want someone who can bring the best out of experienced players and bring through youth, too.

It would seem that Levy is concerned about our style of play on the pitch. It's more heartening to hear his take on our youth system. With great players like Kane and Bentaleb coming up, one would hope that Levy emphasizes to the next manager how important it is to properly integrate players such as these into the squad.

  • THST asked about Lamela. As a club record signing, the fans should have been kept in the loop on his progress. THFC responded that Tim had updated in his press conferences and confirmed that he is now back in light training following a complex back injury.
  • Well at least the word coming from the club continues to line up with reports of a weird back injury keeping Lamela out and not a mafia hit organized by AVB and an Argentine ultras group. Hopefully that's all it is and he's healthy soon.


    • THST stated that the Trust position on the secondary ticketing platform had been made clear previously and there was little need to recap on earlier statements etc.

    So at this point, can we all agree that StubHub is basically Spurs fans' Benghazi?

    The Y Word

    • THFC acknowledged this remained a complex issue and had been headline news both here and abroad, especially in the USA, such was the interest in the case.
    • Both THST and THFC agreed using the term should never have been a criminal offence, however, the THFC consultation did illustrate some fans are offended by the term.
    • THST and THFC both hoped the flash point had now passed.
    • Neither party had received an update from the Metropolitan Police after the CPS discontinued the case against the 3 Spurs fans on 7th March.

    Not a lot new here, but it sort of confirms what many of us suspected. The club kind wants this to remain in the limbo of something they can tacitly, but not explicitly support. That the club is sensitive about the attention the issue is getting overseas, where it could be presented even more devoid of context than it is in England, makes total sense given their aggressive expansion in North America and Asia over the last few years. I think we can all join the club AND THST in the hopes that this has passed. BUT I think we can all be certain that David Baddiel will decide he wants to blame the shortcomings of Chelsea fans on someone else at some point in the next year or two and we'll have to dance this dance all over again.

    Other Bits and Bobs

    • THST asked whether Ledley King's squad number would now be retired in his honour. DC replied it wouldn't be retired but nor would it be assigned. Retiring it would be permanent and what would happen if Ledley's son wants to play as Tottenham's number 26 in future years?

    This is awesome. We should all hope this happens and I expect numerous song suggestions in the comments.

    • THFC confirmed that all toilets are undergoing a makeover in the North, East and South stands for the start of next season.

    Really disappointed that the club would use their resources to improve transport links out of the stadium for Arsenal fans. But that's modern football for you.