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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 19, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with a Sepp Blatter almost apology?

Clive Rose

Happy Monday, Spursland! And holy cow could more stuff have happened over the weekend? The only thing that didn't happen over the weekend was Sepp Blatter admitting he and the rest of FIFA had made a mistake, but there is no possible way that OH MY GOD THAT HAPPENED?!!!!!!!

And now the "news"

Tim Says Some Things- Coventry City FootyMad

Presumably you have an agent Tim, perhaps a PR person could also be fitted into the budget. I only say so because admitting you wouldn't have taken the Spurs job if you know it was only a caretaker job, and being duped like a rube into signing isn't so great. It also isn't good to look desperate, which I would know because I am also desperate for a new job. Seriously, someone please hire me. That's what Tim is saying, not what I am saying. Or am I?

Spurs Eye Foster As PSG Lurk For Lloris- Mirror

No, I won't allow it. Modric, then Bale, I won't allow us to sell this summer. No, Hugo sit your Pepe Le Pew ass down. And on another note can you believe how creepy Pepe Le Pew was?

Martino Leaves Barca- SB Nation Soccer

There are several members of the writing staff that saw this news and immediately ran out to purchase baby oil.

Serial Tongue Sticker Outer Seen In Man United Kit- SB Nation Soccer

I feel bad for United fans and we need to guard against this sort of thing happening to us. We don't want to end up with Bret Michaels pulling on a bandanna with the cockerel on it. I say we start campaigning now and going after celebs who don't already have skin in the game and we pick two or three people for a Twitter petition. Seems like an excellent discussion topic for the comments, eh?

Di Natale Ends Career With A Hat Trick- SB Nation Soccer


Today In Mike Epps Being An Insane Person- SB Nation

Mike Epps is an insane person. Last week he was accusing Kevin Hart of stealing from him (probably not true, I think Big Kev leaves that stuff for Mencia and Leary), and this week he clams to be in Australia and at a Pacers game.

One last thing gang, it's National BBQ month here in the States and I'd just like to ask the "burgers and hot dogs are BBQ" crowd where there stuff is on this helpful BBQ map?