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Pochettino approach still 'imminent', still hasn't happened

Or: The English media knows nothing.

Paul Thomas

Last week, we heard that an approach from Tottenham Hotspur for Mauricio Pochettino was imminent. There were leaks about potential personal terms, how much money Spurs would have to pay Southampton to get their man and a requirement from the Spurs board that Pochettino speak English to the press.

One might have assumed that some kind of announcement by either club of an approach -- or at least confirmation of such by a reliable outlet -- was imminent. But it still hasn't happened, and The Mirror reported over the weekend that such an approach is still imminent.

The only interesting nugget there is that Pochettino is Franco Baldini's man, and that he's had to convince Daniel Levy that Pochettino is everything he says he is. But the part about Southampton bracing for an approach? Well, they've probably been braced for that approach for about three weeks, but it's yet to come.

We're all still sitting here twiddling our thumbs, waiting for a real update. It's really quiet out there, and a bit strange that the papers haven't found anything to pounce on yet. Does the lack of chatter mean something is actually going to happen soon?