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Here's Tottenham's rumored ugly 3rd kit

Good lord. Gross.

Third kits are supposed to be silly, or in colors totally unrelated to the club. I think that Tottenham Hotspur should always have fairly solid white home kits, and I like it when they have fairly solid dark blue away kits. But the third kit? Go crazy, kit manufacturer. Try weird stuff for the sake of having fun and for the sake of having a lot of shirts that people know they can only get once, that's fine.

But that doesn't mean that weird third kits are always a good idea. If this is real I will not be purchasing one because good lord this is ugly.

I really, really don't like the thing down the middle. I would like this a lot of that was gone and the rest of it was the same. I'd probably buy one.

Thoughts? Am I overreacting?