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Community Report Card: Goalkeepers

Yesterday I graded Tottenham Hotspur's goalkeepers and then asked you for your own grades. Here's how you graded the keepers.

Michael Regan

Welcome back to our squad review for the 2013-2014 season. Yesterday, I handed out grades to Tottenham Hotspur's goalkeepers. I also asked for you input and a couple hundred of you responded. I'm going to award players a GPA based on your grades. The GPA will be done using the American grading system which gets you 4 points for an A, 3.7 points for an A-, 3.3 for B+, and so on and so forth. I know that's not clear to some of you non-Americans, but don't worry, because most Americans don't understand it either. To the grades!

Hugo Lloris, GPA: 3.59. Almost an A average for Hugo. So everyone thought pretty highly of him. One of you, using the hashtag #hottake, gave Hugo an F. So, there you go. Here are a few comments from users that bothered to leave their names. Consider everything sic'd.

Good instinctual shot stopper, but way too many stupid errors than I'd like. His distribution sucks. Bit overrated by Spurs fans right now because of the simple fact that everyone else in the squad ranged from TERRIBLE to SLIGHTLY LESS TERRIBLE.

- Shane

I didn't even have to attribute that one for you guys to know who said it, did I?

*affects Robin WIlliams voice*

"It's not yer fault.

No. Listen.

It's not yer fault."

Little Geeber

Brad Friedel, GPA: 3.07. Mostly high marks for Friedel, but he did get a few D's and F's thrown in. I presume they were all simply related to him being a) bald and b) American.

Solid pass. Did what was required and nothing more. Great club servant, surely one of the best second choice goalkeepers in the league

Day of the Triffics

Can't really argue with that.

Brad is Brad. He is the Braddest Brad we've ever had.

Uncle Menno

I mean...what else is there to say?

Heurelho Gomes, GPA: Incomplete. More than 100 of you gave Gomes an incomplete, but Gomes still somehow earned more A+'s than Friedel. So, that's cool. Good job, Gomes!

Has completely cut the mistakes out of his game, I don't think he had a single gaffe all season! Lloris to PSG? Well we've got his replacement right here.


Cheeky git.

Should've been playing instead of Friedel in the Europa League. The press highlight his blunders but he is e otherwise. His time at PSV should not be forgotten. Redknapp destroyed his confidence bringing in Friedel and we have had 2 managers since then who have ignored his qualities.

Roy Z

I don't know who you are Roy, but I like the way you think.

I thought he played well with Morticia and was a great father to Wednesday and....

Wait, we had a third goalie named Gomes? Next you're going to tell me we had a winger named after a car last year too...


Who doesn't love a good Addams Family joke?

Jordan Archer, GPA: Incomplete. Mostly incompletes for the Scottish U-21 international, but he did receive a small smattering of grades all over the map. I've not seen much of him play, except this howler for Scotland, so let's see what brilliant insights you lot had into his play.

Is this some comic book character? I didn't even know he was on the roster.


Wait, wait. I had something for this.

He exists outside of youtube training videos?

Mr. Hugsworth

In closing, I'd just like to say that only one of you made an Archer joke in response to this grade and that one joke was pretty weak.  I am disappoint.

There you have it. Feel free to shame you fellow community members for the poor job they did in grading or any spelling mistakes they may have made. It's only fair. Tomorrow, we start the defenders!